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an Ethics Consultation or a Complaint.

What is it?

The Ethics Line is the means that SURA Asset Management (hereinafter, “SURA AM” or the “Company”) makes available to its stakeholders, so that they can report or consult on those behaviors or suspicions of irregular, unethical or illegal conducts that occur in the Company.

Who can use the Ethics Line?

The stakeholders of SURA AM, that is, collaborators, shareholders, current and potential clients, current and potential suppliers, allies, and, in general, anyone who has knowledge of conduct that is the reason for complaint or inquiry.

Users of the Ethics Line may identify themselves or remain anonymous, in any case SURA AM guarantees the confidentiality of the information received.

How does it work?

The receipt of complaints and inquiries is managed by EthicsGlobal, an external company totally independent from SURA AM, which is also a specialist in the matter; In this way, it seeks to guarantee the transparency and seriousness of ethical management and respect for the rights of informants.

We have various channels for receiving complaints or inquiries to the Ethics Line, all of which are managed by EthicsGlobal:

  1. Through this portal you can fill out a form in which all the information necessary to carry out the investigation will be requested.

  2. By phone, to the following lines:

    Argentina 0800-345-5478
    Brasil 800-8923-392
    Chile 0800-914-501
    Colombia 01-800-5189191
    El Salvador 2136-6543
    Mexico 800-04-38422
    Panama 836-5888
    Peru 0800-78424
    Uruguay 000-416-205-6395

    In which you will be attended by an expert in attention to complaints and ethical queries from the EthicsGlobal company.

  3. You can also file your complaint or query by writing to the email or through the Chat that you will find on this page.

Whichever means you choose, complaints or inquiries will be treated confidentially and anonymity is guaranteed for those informants who require it.

What behaviors can be reported or consulted on the Ethics Line?

Any conduct or omission that is or may be irregular, illegal, corrupt or fraudulent and / or that attempts against:

  • The principles of equity, respect, responsibility and transparency;
  • The legal regulations applicable to business, and
  • The guidelines established in the Code of Good Corporate Governance or in the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Grupo Empresarial SURA.

By way of illustration and not limitation, some behaviors or omissions that must be reported through the Ethics Line are indicated below:

  • Suspicious money laundering or terrorist financing activities.
  • Improper use of confidential or privileged information to which you have access due to the functions performed in SURA AM or affiliates.
  • Fraud or potential fraud.
  • Conflicts of interest that affect or may affect the objectivity and impartiality in acting as part of SURA AM.
  • Violations of free economic competition.
  • Bribery, transnational bribery or corruption behavior.
  • Work-related irregularities such as harassment, workplace harassment, sexual harassment or work-related abuse.

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